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Working with students from Bridgewater College, Blue Ridge Community College, Eastern Mennonite University and James Madison University

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*You must have a minimum 2.0 in STEM courses to participate. Please check with your home institution for the GPA requirements they have set forth to participate as well as your academic department if you are seeking credit.

Information About Experience

Interested? Description Approximate Length
Semester Internship
Students work with local businesses during the academic year to complement classroom curriculums and enhance knowledge about desired career.
  • 15 weeks/10-20 hours weekly
  • Designed to fit around class schedule. Fall & Spring semesters
Summer Internship
Students work on projects that are meaningful, challenging and a reflection of realistic expectations of entry-level STEM careers. Doing this during the summer allows the student to contribute to industry without class disruption.
  • 6-8 weeks/35-40 hours weekly
  • Designed to fit into summer break May-August
Credit Internship (1-3 credits)
Students work with a faculty sponsor and receive academic credit for work experience. The student, faculty member and industry intern supervisor all sign a contract indicating the experience meets course requirements. 1 credit = approximately 60 hours of onsite work, but this does vary per institution and department.
  • The length varies per # of credit hours requested by student.
Desired timeframe for internship:
Industry Internship
Many businesses have a formalized internship program or a project that has a different timeline so additional structures are welcomed. This is an opportunity to get assistance onprojects which require more or less hours than listed in the above descriptions.
  • Varies per industry needs. (Some internships may extend a year's time.)
Job Shadow
Job shadowing is designed to increase career awareness, reinforce practices and skills needed in the work environment, and link classroom learning to work requirements. Students will observe only with this opportunity and have no direct responsibilities.
  • Shadowing is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace and varies per professional
Internship Requirements

Please email your complete resume to: Jennifer Sowers (sowersjb@jmu.edu)

Reference #1

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If you are receiving credit, please provide the following:

Compensation Guidelines

Depending on the number of hours for the intended internship, the employer and the student determine if this will be a paid experience. In some instances, students are not eligible for payment if they are receiving college credit for the internship. Please check with your host institution and department on rules and regulations concerning the ability to receive money and credit for the internship.

"I gained knowledge about potential future careers.  I brushed up on my algebra skills. I learned my way around campus. I gained a few wonderful friends in the process.
I got the chance to get my feet wet in terms of preparing myself for the college experience.  Being exposed to potential professional fields was awesome.  It was really important to me to see what I could be doing 10 years down the road if I stick with the "difficult stuff."  To me, it was like seeing around the mountain that is my education and witnessing a possible future."                 
Gail Moruza