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Electric Four-Wheeler

Designed with the intent of creating a zero-emission vehicle that produces no harmful exhaust gasses, JMU ISAT students created the electric four-wheeler conversion. The four-wheeler is powered by four 12-volt lead acid batteries and a 48-volt DC motor, is capable of achieving speeds of up to 30 mph through its variable speed transmission and can run for 5 hours on a single charge (in work mode). In addition to the environmentally sound design and lack of harmful emissions, the electric four-wheeler conversion also emphasizes the utility of alternative energy sources in response to the depleting global oil reserves, and has made an excellent addition to our educational outreach program.

The electric four wheeler needs new batteries and an updated electronic speed control system that includes a reverse setting for loading/unloading the vehicle into the Educational Outreach Trailer. Additionally, replacing the student-applied paint scheme with a professional paint job will increase the overall appeal of this one-of-a-kind alternative fuel vehicle. The estimated cost to support this project is $1,000